Future Foody – Branding & Packaging

A passion for quality nutrition for their own children and a niche space in the New Zealand market was the inspiration behind the new venture, Future Foody. Their product is fresh, organic baby food, delivered to your door. With product development under way, Future Foody approached Faber & Lo to create a brand that had a natural, organic aesthetic and one that would appeal to parents while still having a youthful, playful tone.

A whimsical, infantile-natured logo design incorporates lowercase forms and a hand-lettered style, with the integration of a mischievous smiley face that is carried as an icon throughout the brand. Sprightly, colourful food illustrations bring a lively, fresh appeal. The simple approach to their delivery packaging  allows the product to shine.

The project outcome showcases the fresh, organic nature of the brand ideals, and displays a design aesthetic that expresses a youthful, playful tone that also appeals to the parent/caregiver target audience.


Deliverables: Brand Development | Logo Design  |  Colour Palette  |  Pattern Design  |  Business Cards  |  Compliment Slips  |  Packaging Design  |  Menu Design  |  Gift Voucher  |  Mailchimp Template  |  Print Items  |  Bib Design  |  Stickers  |  Website Direction

Website development: Todd Cantley  |  Photography: Courtesy of Future Foody  |  Instagram photos: @futurefoody