Flowers Manuela – Branding & Photography


Flowers Manuela were moving to a new location within Wellington, and wanted to compliment the move with a rebrand and new website. They approached us to develop a unique brand that spoke the language of their style and new store.

The project began with the bespoke logo, a playful yet sophisticated design solution with a decorative, organic style. The illustrative ‘M’ in the logo design includes an arrangement of unique floral elements, with favourite flowers, plants and insects picked out by the owner herself, Manuela.

The M design took inspiration from the arts and crafts movement. This period of design in the late 1800s embraced ornate and often floral, decorative initials in text layouts. The arts and crafts movement also saw the development of highly decorative floral pattern designs that resonated with the eclectic floral style and aesthetic direction of Flowers Manuela.


Following the logo design came the development of print collateral, signage and mobile-responsive website. To showcase the moody, eclectic style of the new store and florals, we also undertook a series of photoshoots to exhibit the store on the website, such that customers feel the essence of being in the store, even if ordering online.

The Flowers Manuela brand emits a powerful, enchanting personality that sets them apart from other local florists. The identity design and photography showcase their unique floral style and both compliments and enhances their new premises. A delightful escape into floral utopia.