Faber & Lo Branding

Our branding for our new design studio needed to be modern, fresh, and to project connotations of professionalism and trustworthiness.  With the new studio having a strong typographic focus, the custom type logo design was developed with a strong geometric sans-serif grounding. This was combined with unique angular terminals and a distinctive ampersand that combines two overlapping sections to represent the coming together of ‘Faber’ & ‘Lo’. This Faber & Lo typeface expanded upon the logo design features, with the unique angles on short terminal ends, and with a particularly distinctive ‘W’ & ‘w’, representative of the coming together of two, as also reflected in the ampersand.

The result of this project was a fresh new brand that combined a minimalist approach with unique idiosyncrasies. The clean and bold aesthetics are functional and also provide a transparent platform for showcased projects to speak on our website and social media.