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Humble Beginnings

Faber & Lo - Letterpress Design Collaboration

Hello and welcome to our first Faber & Lo blog post! We thought it appropriate to begin by sharing the short version of how our amalgamation came about.

Firstly, introductions. We are Mary Faber and Alice Lo, based respectively in Wairarapa, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. We were first brought together just over 5 years ago through some indeterminate forces of The University of Waikato – Alice was about to begin a year of teaching typography to first-year graphic design students, and Mary, at that time a post-graduate student, was selected to be the tutor for the class. Thus began a great bond over a mutual love of letters, which grew infinitely from our first collaboration; a typesetting project at a letterpress workshop (photo above).

After completing her Masters, Mary jumped over to London where she trained and worked as a Font Designer for a year. During this time, Alice moved to Sydney to work as a Designer within the fashion industry. Despite the undeniable distance and awkward time difference, we continued to work together, creating projects under MASH (a typographic collective). Since Mary’s return to New Zealand last year, we would often discuss the idea of joining forces, so this year we decided to bite the bullet, formalise our collaborative tendencies and realise a long-held dream – to start our own design studio.

Following a couple of months of chugging behind the scenes, we are now ready to work with our current and future clients. Our focus is to assist our clients in the growth and refinement of their businesses through creative and professional branding and design services. We are enthusiastic and eager to help our clients’ visions become a reality.

We will continue to share snippets of our journey here as well as posting brand-savvy tips.

Welcome to our journey, this is only the beginning…

Mary & Alice. Or as we’re now known,

Faber & Lo.